Affordable Licensed Bouncy Castles Rentals, Unbeatable Prices

Affordable Licensed Bouncy Castles Rentals, Unbeatable Prices

Inflatable Bouncy Castles for Rent Vs. Indoor Inflatable Event

Throwing your kids a birthday bash can make you anxious. Sometimes, you don’t know what will please your kids. But one thing that gets all kids thrilled is inflatable bouncy castles.

If you want to include a bouncy castle for your kids’ birthday party or any other event, you have two options. You can either rent a bouncy castle and inflate in your yard. Or you can drive to an indoor bounce house that may come with other birthday activities.

So, what should you choose? Here’s a quick rundown of inflatable bouncy castles to make an informed decision.

Indoor Inflatable Bouncy Castles Rental vs. Indoor

The Weather

The first and foremost thing to consider when deciding on an inflatable castle bounce house is the weather. There are some measures you can take to ensure a safe playing experience.

You should check the weather before you start your bouncing castle. Rainy or stormy weather is terrible in such scenarios. But extremely windy weather risks the bounce house floating away. If you have got bouncy castle rentals in Ajax, they’ll fix it professionally so the wind won’t take anything away from the kids’ party. And contrary to popular belief, you can crank the heat up. Bounce houses rely on more air being pumped in. Such things as heat and pressure won’t make them explode.

But beware, if it doesn’t affect the bounce house, bad weather can take the kids’ fun away. Make sure it’s neither too hot nor too cold outside before bringing the children to play.

Cost and Running Expenses:

Everything comes with a cost. And as inexpensive and straightforward inflatable jumping castles, there are a few costs to consider.

The first is the cost of the bouncing castle itself. If you’re renting, the bouncy castle price will be lower than buying it permanently. But renting may come with other costs, such as an operator’s cost, delivery, and set up.

If your inflatable bouncy castle rental comes with other birthday services, you’re in for a blast. The birthday services will be a bit more costly, but they will cover all entertainment. And you don’t even have to worry about the cleanup. And yes, you’ll have to factor in energy costs too. Most people aren’t bothered by the cost it takes to run a bouncing castle, as you’re running it only for a few hours or a day. But depending on the castle’s size and its running time, the pump will suck more power.

If you’re using an outdoor generator, you’ll need to be concerned with the pump’s rated wattage. Your generator might not be able to supply it. And even if it does, it may pull power from other utilities.

Working Duration:

Most bouncy castle rentals will cost you hourly and may have specific requirements. This is a good choice and highly encouraged if you need the bounce house for a few hours. But if you need it for a longer time, you should look for an indoor bounce house.

Indoor bouncing castles will give you a long time to play and fun. And they can cost you cheaper than having to rent the castle.

Safety and Precautions:

Though they seem harmless, bouncy castles need to follow certain regulations. Even rentals such as the bouncy castle rentals in Whitby follow these rules.

When you rent a bouncy castle, sometimes the operator comes with it to supervise the kids. But in most cases, the operator will set up the castle, and the children will be left to play under the supervision of adults.

You need to make sure there are a certain number of kids with a specific weight in the castle at all times. You’ll need to be wary of the weather and several other things as well.

Designs and Themes:

Kids love bouncing castles as much as they love cartoons. So, when the two come together, it will be the best birthday party ever. You can find rental and indoor bouncing castles in various themes, such as Disney’s Frozen bouncy castle or PAW Patrol Bouncy Castle

But with an indoor bouncing castle, the theme isn’t just restricted to the castle. You may get stalls selling merchandise related to the theme. And you can have other rides or inflatables following the same design.

So, your kids can jump all day on a Mickey Mouse bouncy castle only to meet with their favorite Disney characters.

You can also get other amenities such as an inflatable bouncy castle and water slide.

Setup and Take-Down:

Setting up bouncy castles outdoors isn’t that hard. And your operator will normally take care of both the setup and the take-down. But in case you don’t have an operator, you’ll need to do this yourself. It can be relatively straightforward.


Perhaps nothing enthralls a child than a bouncy inflatable castle. If you’re an adult planning a party for kids, a bouncy inflatable castle is always a must.

But the critical decision comes when you have to decide between renting a bouncy castle or an indoor castle. Indoor castles will cost you less if you want them for long. However, with bouncy castle rentals, you won’t have to do any setup and cleaning. All you have to do is call them and voila! They will take all the chores from delivering to setting up and removing the bouncy inflatable castles.

So, have you made your decisions? Be sure to assess your options beforehand and make the best choice. And party on!


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